Reusing office paper

If you work 9-5, you probably know what huge amounts of paper are used daily in the office 📄 In today’s world, we want to care more about the environment and use the resources to the maximum.

There are many creative ways of reusing office paper like:
📝 combine the one-side-printed sheets into a doodling pad and use it whenever you feel the urge to give free rein to creativity,
🎨 paper mache – use the paper for super creative and fun art activities with your children,
🖍 you can take used sheets home for your kids for coloring,
📦 shred paper and reuse it as packing material – eco-packaging is very popular today, and every time you can avoid using plastic is a win.

Do you know any other creative ways of reusing office paper? Share in the comments! 💬


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