The knitted or crocheted things

Do you like knitted or crocheted 🧶 things but can’t seem to get the hang of knitting or crocheting? Yes, that can be demanding and might cause frustration. Fortunately, there is another way to make things with this satisfying pattern without using needles – macramé! 🧵✨

Macramé originated in the 13th century among Arab weavers and then spread throughout the world. It has become very popular lately, and it’s pretty easy. It’s mostly about tying knots in the right places 😉 Surely, you can tie a knot, right?🤲 Then it’s a perfect way of spending some quality creative time!

Here’s a list of easy macramé projects for complete beginners:
🧵 feathers
🧵 keychains
🧵 macramé garland
🧵 jar/plant hanger
🧵 necklace
🧵 wristbands

From what we’ve checked, there are at least 27 more. 🤩 So we want to encourage you to google “macramé” and start your creative adventure today!

Or maybe you’re already doing it? Share some pictures in the comments as an inspiration! 🙌


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