Contributing to your local community

Have you ever tried to please your creative soul by contributing to your local community? We think it might be rewarding for an individual in many ways. It might be a good way to integrate with the community and strengthen your own identity.

Here are some tips on how you can do it

☑ Create a mural that depicts the values of your community. There are many great examples around the globe, and more and more people appreciate such initiatives.

☑ If you’re an artist, create works based on regional designs and patterns, which will make the region more recognizable for tourists.

☑ Organize a charity event. Sell your art creations, baked goods, etc., to raise funds for something important for your community.

☑ Volunteer your energy and skills to a local organization:
🔹 Organize a musical hour or reading program for kids at a local park or library. 🎼🎻
🔹 Organize yoga, fitness, or meditation class for people at a local gym or park. 🏃‍♀👨‍🦽

☑ Start a neighborhood welcome committee 🙋- that sounds nice, doesn’t it?

➡ Have you got any other ideas to add to the list? Or maybe you have some experiences in helping your local community you want to share? 🗨

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