Tidying up your space

How creative 🎨 can you possibly get in your home? We’ve covered healthy eating 🥦, probably every kind of boosting 😉 What else can there be?

Moms usually say that if you’re bored, you might as well tidy up. Up to this point, we weren’t entirely convinced, but then COVID came, and hey, turns out cleaning can be creative too. 😁

We’re pretty sure you’ve heard of Marie Kondo. She’s an expert in organizing. If you haven’t heard of her, read her book, or watched any programs with her, be sure to catch up because what she does is truly amazing.✨🤩

Here are the main ideas of Marie’s organization method:
✔️ Choose an area that you want to organize and gather all the things from that area in one place. Look at them one at a time and leave only those that “spark joy”.
✔️ Then find a place for everything within this area and put it back once you finished using it. That way, you will keep this area tidy without effort.
✔️ Start with clothes, then books, papers, miscellaneous, and then the rest. We encourage you to search through your home for free boxes and containers you’ll use during organizing.

What Marie Kondo teaches might seem obvious, but it’s brilliant exactly because it’s so obvious. You will be surprised how much joy tidying up can bring 😉 And the number of creative ways to use what you already have at home to do it.

Have you heard of Marie Kondo? Have you tried her method? Let us know in the comments! 💬


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