Using creativity to learn a language

Creativity is a useful thing when it comes to language learning. 👩‍🎓 Unusual learning methods make our brains absorb knowledge faster and remember it longer. What we mean by unusual here is fun and out of the box. No more books and learning dry vocabulary by heart.

Here are some creative ways of learning a foreign language:

✍ Take some post-its and write the names of everything in your house and then stick them on it. That way you’ll be learning and remembering new vocabulary doing the usual things – making coffee, doing the laundry, even tidying up.

💬 Try to describe the things you’re doing as you’re doing them in the foreign language you’re learning. You can do it quietly, but we advise speaking aloud – that way you can practice your speaking and pronunciation as well.

📖 Keep a diary. This method is pretty similar to the one above, but it additionally lets you practice your writing skills. You can do it electronically, in a text editor, and then check if it’s correct using Grammarly. That way you will even get feedback and learn from your mistakes!

🎧 Listen to podcasts in the foreign language. Choose the topics that really interest you. Listening about the things you like will result in remembering the language better.

🎞 Watch children’s TV series such as Peppa Pig for example. It may sound funny but believe us, you do not know all the words from that show. It is funny, so you won’t get bored, and the characters have a brilliant British accent for you to copy. Sheer pleasure 😉

Those methods work best when combined because they let you practice different skills. Do you have your own creative methods you use to learn a foreign language? Let us know in the comments! 💬


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