Winter at home

We stay at home most of the time lately, also because it’s winter and the weather is capricious🌨 Coming up with fresh ideas on what to do at home is tricky even for us adults, not to mention our children.

How can we be creative with our children at home? Here are some tips:
☃ Make puffy paint out of shaving cream, white glue, and food coloring, and let your imagination run wild while painting with it. Your kids will love it!
☃ Missing snow? Make some! Mix white hair conditioner with baking soda to get pretend snow with a great texture. You can even build a snowman with it! Use some cotton and thread to make falling snowflakes and hang a few lines on the window. Don’t have cotton? Print out a snowflake and glue pieces of blue paper on it. You can use tissue paper and make it 3D.
☃ Back in kindergarten, we used to paint on black paper with white toothpaste – it was so much fun! After all, children love to get messy, and hey – finger painting with toothpaste 🤩🔥

There are loads of amazing ideas on Pinterest, so if you’re running out, be sure to check them out. If you have some awesome ideas that work with your children, let us know in the comments! 💬

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